Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm becoming one of those

I try and deny it, I try and hide it... but lets face it... I'm engaged and this excites me... it means that I can look at dresses, jewelry, locations, themes, shoes, bridesmaid dresses and all that corny stuff and not feel like a freak! But I'm a tom boy... I'm generally not into fashion, I'm pretty low key... so how do you express your inner girl? In private... on your computer, while no one is watching.

Paul thinks its scary... the whole day today I've bombarded him with wedding questions... mostly generalities... but still... I'm apparently out of hand. This is understandable considering we will be long distance we won't have a wedding to plan for at least another 2 years.

I can still get excited and dream right?

I think the sheer sizes of our families has been daunting. We are faced with the ... when we get married who will you invite? question... and of course we WANT to invite everyone... and yet we simply don't.

I think we are in semi-agreement (agreeing with each other has been easier than agreeing with our conflicting selves) that we want a severely intimate wedding... with just our immediate relatives and a few life friends (as I now will call them). Basically the people you know who will really matter not just now, but in 20 years, and 40 years, and when you are old... you will compare pictures of your grandchildren... not online, but over iced tea in the backyard. That being said... maybe a 20 person wedding... hopefully. It will be precious... but hopefully everyone will understand... especially distant relatives and some of the not-so-distant ones.

UGH city hall looks so good... city hall and dinner! why not?

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dawnoftheday said...

sounds perfect! it's your day! and initmacy can be so very special :)