Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I once said I reuse the poland spring bottles when I have to get them... but they aren't BPA free! So we can actually hurt our bodies by doing this. It was bad advertising on my part.

So I encourage you to buy your BPA free water canteen ... maybe Klean Canteen or many of the other BPA free products on sale.

This is why its important to switch to glass food containers as well.


Some BPA Free Products:
Klean Kanteen

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melissa. said...

oh oh oh! yoga is wonderful. some yoga classes are focused on core strenghtening, which i HATE, because i think yoga is more about meditation and putting your mind at peace. it takes a lot getting used to. pending what kind of instructor you go to, you can be sore for a few days. yours stretching and holding in ways you never thought possible! there are still some moves (ie: the plank position) that i absolutely HATE. (it's basically a push up position, except you hold it. it's the WORST. but of course, one of the primary basic yoga positions). let me know about yoga in your neck o' the woods, though! i am fairly partial to my instructor, but this summer i have to sadly cut my time from 2x a week to 1x a week because of school - so ill be looking for another yoga outlet!