Monday, April 13, 2009

Happiness if a Fish You Can't Catch


A lot can change in a reasonably short period of time…

There is a lot of me to understand… and I am still trying to understand it all myself.

A lot has changed… my attitude, my friends, my surroundings, my goals, my hobbies… everything changes.fluid.evolving.unpredictable.

The old attitude was much like the same, but sometimes hidden beneath a façade. It has come center stage basking in all its attention. It’s in your face. It’s truthful. It’s resentful. It’s strong. It’s impatient. It’s bitchy. It shows I care.

The streaming memories… friends of the past. They were loud. fun. giddy. crazy. disloyal. selfish. dishonest. unfair. unmotivated. unloved. unable to love. free spirited. prisoners of their own invention. They were contradictions of themselves… constantly fighting an internal fight and external ones. New friends… are the old, but the true, loyal and motivated. The ones you bring the best you forward.

My goals… now simple. Live, love, hope, achieve, give, abandon, pray – be happy!

My hobbies = more more more. Nature. Clean air. Outdoors.

My life is changing… and has been since my first breaths… but I’m taking it by the reigns and aligning my future with my dreams.

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