Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthday Blues... and Booze

It's not for another 42 Days and the actual party isn't till another 43, but I'm stressed and excited already.

I'm going to make it happen... we are going Camping for my birthday :)~

There are some downsides to camping on your birthday... you can't invite everyone you want to be with... too many people will just cause:
1) us to be too loud (and get kicked out)
2) disagreements about what to do (during the day)
3) we don't have enough equipment
4) hard to coordinate

So I narrowed down my guest list to only family I'm very close with between the ages of 25-30 (so basically my sister, cousin, and future bro-in-law). Then I was trying to think of super close friends that I couldn't celebrate without... of course that left me with Lori, Anthony & Jerry. Then the ever important Paul and Andy (if he could be in town). That was 9 people... and I knew some people were likely not to attend (Lori and Andy).

I was right... Lori not being a huge fan of the great outdoors or any type of "roughing it" in the wilderness let me know she'd pass on the weekend. I understand. Then Andy decided that he couldnt swing flying back to NY so soon after Mother's Day. Again... no sweat. Jerry has an Aunt's big birthday at a catered hall... its cool. So that leaves the rest all yeses. I can't wait. Kareen asked to bring her S.O. and that makes 7... not the ideal number, but I can't complain. A site comfortably holds about 6 people... a raft is 4 per boat... a canoe is 2 per boat... it seems camping is not made for odd numbers - who cares!

After reading some reviews for the campsite I originally booked near the Lehigh River in PA, I became worried. As it turns out the owner is a drunk who has psycho violent tendencies. I wouldn't subject myself or my loved ones to abuse by anyone... let alone pay for it and travel 2 hours to endure it. I got my deposit back and continued the search for our venue.

My cousin recommended Kittatinny and after reading reviews and a few phone calls I was pleasantly surprised. We are booked and reserved in a nice secluded space right on the Hudson River. We won't have any immediate neighbors and as such... no complains when they hear the battle cries of "MOOSE!"

With my cousin in attendance - it means we'll have two willing and able cooks to prepare some tasty marinades and prep some dishes before we even get there - allowing for more fun times while full on good food. Anthony ... a great friend will be there to lend his over 6 foot 200+ lb body to the cause ... helping carry tents and fire wood. Not to mention - he's a great cook.

My sister will be there with her future husband... some much needed bonding time is in order. They were unable to attend my birthday last year due to a wedding that just popped up last minute?

I'm pretty excited... but also a little worried. Camping requires LOTS of planning... and lots of packing. We won't be 100% in the middle of nowhere so if we forget bottled water, medicine, bug spray, underwear... it's only a short drive to the nearest store. But still... think about it... besides the obvious you need to bring: dish rags, sponges, buckets, plastic dishes, cups, pots, pans, knives, cutting boards, water shoes, bug spray, SPF, drinking water, and meals (for 3 days). That's a lot to remember and that doesn't even include your personal supplies and actual shelter.

I took Friday off - Paul and I said we'd try and get out there early and enjoy the day setting up our tent, reading books, getting in the river, and hanging out. It's not Paul and Lilia time... anyone willing and able to get out there early are welcome. I just need them to let me know ASAP because if we will only be 2-4 people on Friday... I'll cancel the 2nd site for Friday night. It's costing us 11/night + 13/person after all.

Anyway - can you imagine how much fun this will be... card games, drinking games, stories, smores, moose, rafting, tubing, paintball... laughs - lots of them.

I've always wanted to do this and now we finally are!


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