Friday, April 24, 2009

A Perfect Morning

Is in the works for tomorrow. I'm very excited. Paul and I plan on taking advantage of some of the fine weather coming our way by waking up bright and early and biking (he'll be skating) through Forest Park. After getting home, while still in our sweaty clothes, I'm going to make our favorite banana berry pancakes (they are AWESOME) with fresh home made whipped cream. After devouring this very fun and luxurious breakfast, we'll need to shower and get ready for his nephew's 1st birthday.

Lets not forget, after Jax's birthday party, we are heading out for a nice romantic dinner for two (where I don't know) and a broadway show (what I dont know).

My boy has been planning this date night for over a week. I can't wait!

:) What a beautiful Saturday I have waiting for me

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