Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrate Life... not Death

We received some bad news this weekend. My baby sister's uncle (on her father's side) passed away in Austria due to a car accident. We had received no details just the news itself. She is taking it hard yet strong for a girl of only 10. She is definitely sad. She planned on calling her cousin today to send her love. Her two cousins are about 11 and 3 if I remember correctly. It's sad to think what they are going through.

Kyle, a little too young to completely comprehend just asked my mom to explain exactly what happened just like she does for Amanda... not realizing the extra words said to Amanda were meant to console not to inform. He went back to playing after hearing the news but it did click. 45 minutes later, he found me in his room, getting my things together, when he just said out of no where... I miss Uncle Walter.

I hope they will always remember the good times they shared with them... back in Austria and during their visits here to the US.

May he rest in peace and may he live on in the loved ones he left behind.

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