Friday, April 10, 2009

Costa Rica or Peru

I don't know which I'd rather do. I'd love to do both... but not this summer.

I found this Costa Rican tour I'm dying to do. It's a honeymoon tour, but it works out cheaper that way - go figure. It's still not cheap but includes so many things... if only I can get Paul to do it. I'd almost be willing to do it alone.

You travel from San Jose to Rincon de Vieha to Osa Peninsula and back to San Jose... and the activities besides sitting on your private balconies range from hiking, zip-lining, bird watching, kayaking, horseback riding, ATV riding, puddle jumper flying, swimming... private beaches, lush jungles etc...

It's 10 days worth of excitement.

Wish me luck getting Paul to do this for our pre-honeymoon, honeymoon... It would be like our last horrah before Bean Town takes him away from me. :(

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