Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cannot Keep My Calm

I hate complaining... but I must... I must complain about people who complain yet DONT CHANGE ANYTHING.

I hate weddings... I hate being a part of them... and I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate having one... at least a traditional one.

I'm my sister's Maid of Honour. It's a lot of work... not the actual physical work... but like, the planning phase, being supportive, accepting everything happening... its hard for me. It's hard for me to deal with my sister's angry outbursts, her moments where she feels sorry for herself, the moments she complains, and all the other terrible moments. I AM BAD AT THAT... I don't deal well with things I think are stupid.

I don't agree with everything my sister and her finance are doing for their wedding... but not because I'd do it differently (that's obvious) its because ITS NOT EVEN WHAT THEY THEMSELVES WANT. They've been bending over backwards trying to appease everyone and in the end they have neglected making themselves happy. My sister's big day is going to be shadowed by an overbearing father, a groom who needs to make is father happy, 2 parents who don't get along, a mother and grandmother who don't speak, a MoH who can't put up with it, bridesmaids who seem uninterested, and worse yet, a friend who is very ill. This is no way to celebrate your special day and I'm not okay with it. I love and care about my sister... she SHOULD BE HAPPY ALL THE TIME... but ESPECIALLY ON 9/19/09!!!

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