Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday Update

So here is the now larger baby blanket I'm making for my friend. I hope they really like it. More to come!

Here is the hat I made for Paul. I must admit... my Man is pretty darn good looking with that scruff. He is laughing at the prospect of modeling his hat for my blog. He is also intently playing xbox.

And where it all started. My great grandmother used to sew and crochet. My grandmother used to sew, crochet and knit. And my mother claims to know how to knit but I've never seen it. She crochets though. And is a sewing disaster.

In college she made me an afghan (below) to fit my twin sized bed. I still have it... navy blue and pills from too many washes. She is currently working on a beautiful eggplant colored afghan for my 11 year old sister. It's beautiful so far.

And here is a zig zag patterned blanket that has been around since I was a baby. I don't believe it's my baby blanket. Maybe it's Lauren's. None the less, it has gone through some trauma but will stay with me always. Faded but still bright enough to be tacky =)


Paul Rios said...

That is one gooooood looking dude, err...I mean, hat. Yeah, good looking hat. It brings out the orange in my eyes!

Katherine said...

Nice pics!! Your projects are looking good! And, yes, that's a good looking man....Uh.....I mean beanie. ;-p

Lilia said...

I think I need to make a hat similar to Paul's but for me... in Yellow and Black. I can match Kyle!

Thanks, Kareen. I am getting really into it. I don't know how Lauren made the little mouse but I'm starting to work on a bumble bee today. I got the pattern from a yarn label. I can make a copy for you.

As for the booties you asked about yesterday... there is an online blogger/youtube crocheter that is very good and very informative. I've been using her videos a lot. She's on my list of blogs I follow... check her out. She even teaches lefty for those who are lefty!