Monday, March 8, 2010

Breakfast with Papa

Yeah, exactly what it sounds like... I slept at M.Y.'s again on Saturday night. I woke up a little late ... showered, through some laundry in the wash, hopped in my car, picked up some breakfast and parked my car at the cemetery. I grabbed my trusty blanked out of my trunk, threw it next to papa's head stone and parked while I munched on my bagel and drank my coffee, talking to my grandpa.

At 1st I was talking out loud, but then fearing the crazy coming on, I just kind of thought out my words. It was nice... a little birthday chat, a little morning conversation, a little peace and alone time to feel what I've been feeling... a sense of emptiness since his death. I know he's not far away... but it takes some convincing when you think back to the days I was able to physically have him by my side.

Thanks for my morning company yesterday, Pa! I really appreciate it.

And thanks, God, for my uninterrupted Papa time. I was able to sit there in peace with not a soul walking by to bother me... not a soul walking by to judge me, and not a family member or loved one coming through whom I'd need to share him with.

Papa, I miss you!

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