Thursday, March 18, 2010

Winter -> Spring

Only 2 more days of Winter. How does this make me feel?

I'm sad. I'm preparing to say good bye to the hobby/sport/activity/recreation I love most, snowboarding. I've spent many summer days anticipating winter. I've spent many fall nights, glued to the weather report hoping for an early snow. I've checked countless websites hoping the temps would drop low enough to blow the fake snow. And then winter comes. In a flash. Fast, bright, white, cold, gone...

So I suppose I'm sad.... but I'm also excited.

The spring brings end of season spring riding. Riding on soft wet slush. Sun. T-Shirts. Laughs. Beer. And falling doesn't hurt so bad.

I'm also excited because the days are getting longer. The air is smelling fresher. The sun is getting warmer. Which means... camping days will start soon, kayaking will start soon, long walks will start soon, outdoor meals will start soon.. summer is around the corner too!

So yeah... one door closes and another opens. You just have to find the treasures hidden within each door.

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Katherine said...

This is a nice positive post! I love the pictures you chose, too. It's very much in the tune of Spring and camping, kayaking, etc. =)