Thursday, March 25, 2010


Since we are having a destination wedding and Paul is planning on going back to school post nuptials, we hadn't thought much about a honeymoon. That's not to say we won't have one, but it's not that important to us. What's a honeymoon but another vacation together right? It will just be our 1st one as a married couple... but we will be in Colorado as a married couple as well.

So the pressure is off, but that doesn't mean you can't plan it right?

So ideas have been tossed around for years.... a snow and sun honeymoon. There are few options where we can accomplish this... South America or Australia. We can also fly from one location to the other.

I love South America, but it seems fitting we should go somewhere new. Somewhere neither of us have been before for our honeymoon. So why not Australia. It's fairly high on both our lists and it would be a 100% new experience for each of us. So here is my idea.

I'd want to fly into the South. In Victoria possibly or across the border in New South Whales (NSW) at Charlottes Pass. It is the highest elevation in Australia and unlike other mountains, it get's completely snowed in. You cannot get there unless you have snow transport. But once you are there... it is truly a winter wonderland. They lift tickets are comparable to high end US resorts and the town looks lovely. But the terrain is limited and the skiable inbounds acres are few. There are backcountry tours though and many other options in the area. It might be worth a day trip just to ride in this:
From there I'd like to take a puddle jumper north to the Northern Territory to hike, kayak, camp and tour the outback. I wouldn't want to miss Katherine Gorge! Check this out! I don't want to see the crocodiles up close though - no thank you!

From that I'd need some relaxation with my Man so maybe some beach time in Queensland. Sun, water, beach swim... yum. The seasons, the logistics and the funds may not make this dream honeymoon work but I can dream....

Imagine the perfection of snow... adventure... and relaxing beach all in one trip =) Talk about REALLY experiencing what you love in a place unknown.

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