Thursday, March 25, 2010

Exicted About the Weekend?

I'm having a hard time getting myself excited about this weekend. Sure I'll be with Sierra people... one's I've never met before and some that I have. I'll be snowboarding. I'll be in VT. The alcohol will be flowing and I'll be happy. But I'm having a hard time getting excited about it... and I think I know why.

I'm not looking forward to Friday.

In an ideal world, I'd be carpooling up to VT with some SS people... arriving around between 8 and 10 PM if not earlier. Partying at the cocktail party. Trying on demos. Meeting Rome sales representatives. Eating dinner with the gang. And getting to know new people.

Instead I'll be driving to Boston - way out of the way so that Paul can get his stuff and so that we can pick up Andy who won't be arriving until 10:30 PM. Then we will be off to VT ... another 3.5 hours. We won't be getting there till 1:30-2AM. I'll be missing all the Friday night festivities. I'll be tired for Saturday riding. And I will probably go the day not meeting anyone new till at night as it usually works out for big groups.

Here is the part that rubs me wrong... Andy could have flown with a stop over from DFW to Burlington, VT (not far from Stowe) but he will only fly American. Because he has 'status'. Well you know what... big fucking deal! Make an exception. That way you are not inconveniencing others. I was expecting Paul to be in Boston any how - but you know what... he's not. So Boston wouldn't have even been on the route of places to go but now we must. 2nd... Andy is flying out of a different airport than Paul and I from Tahoe too... why? Because of American. I just think at this point it's selfish.

All in all, I think I should have just left after work and went alone. Left them to their own devices but I had already agreed. However, I agreed under an understanding that was not the truth. But it's okay... I'll get there when I get there and I'll make the best of the time I have there. The long drive though... I'm not looking forward to.

It's funny how these SS trips are working out. I went from going alone to rolling in with Paul and Andy. But I guess it's okay. These are still my friends... not theirs. I talk to them every day. I care about them and they care about me. WA and Tahoe will be on my terms. I won't let them dictate my schedule. Every man for themselves. I did a lot to help them be able to attend all these events. I'm sure they appreciate them. It just sucks being on my end...

I need to give less ... at least once in a while. I need my thing. I need my outlet. I thought this was it... but it didn't really work out that way. Maybe I will find something yet....


Lilia said...

Paul doesn't log into my blog - he gets the updates via email so I'm gonna post his email to me on here:

"You need to chill more and waa less. Really, you need to relax and go with the flow more or else you are going to drive yourself nuts and always be misserable. But I feel like you have been doing really good with that compared to the past.

Friday is a wash...unless you took it off. Even if you left from here you would miss all the fun stuff. Also, if you look at the website you only go 30 min out of the way by going to Bos. If we leave around 630 or 700 we get to MIT with just enough time for me to run upstairs and get my stuff and then get Andy.

Haven't seen Jersey yet...will call you when I'm done."

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Lilia said...

So now my response to Paul:

This is exactly what I don't need. The point of a blog is to be able to express yourself and your feelings. Not be shut up... and definitely not to be told you are complaining.

Yes, Friday is a wash... but I could have easily taken Friday off or took a 1/2 day.... which was stated in the planning phases. After your brother booked his flights - there was no point in doing so. Not to mention that fact that I did look it up.

And for the record - Boston is EAST... WAY EAST from NY and Stowe. You've never been good with directions so lets not pretend you are now.

Anyway... my point is ... I have a right to complain, vent, and feel whatever I want and whenever I want... it's what makes me human. The ability to FEEL things.