Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Morning Phone Calls

This morning I told Paul I thought that we were crazy to get married. We argued and immediately started joking around last night. But sometimes Paul irks me. He has the power to get under your skin without completing a sentence.


Lilia: Paul, I'm kinda worried about getting married. Maybe it's a mistake.

Paul: Why?

Lilia: Because you really annoy me sometimes.

Paul: You are just realizing this now!?

Lilia: It's just ... can I live with this forever?

Paul: Wicked laugh

Lilia: See I'm being serious! You are laughing your ... hahaha now we are getting married and I trapped you and will annoy you for all eternity laugh

Paul: mwhahahahahaha

Lillia: I give up

Yep that was our good morning conversation. Real healthy right? Paul does annoy me. Often. Repeatedly. He's horrible to be around when you need to just relax. He's pushy. He's dense. He has the art of annoyance down.

But I'm marrying him... for better or worse till death do us annoy each other to death

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