Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crochet Update

So I've made a bunch of hats... but didn't get pictures of any and have already given them to their intended owners. If anyone out there is reading this and has a hat... take a picture and send to me =)
So here are a few pics of some finished hats and some works in progress...I made this hat for Andy to match his snowboard jacket. I think it might be too green or even too girly. If he doesn't like it... I do so I guess I can keep it.

I made this hat for Amanda at her request. It's a very loose fitting open beanie. Good for spring and as an accessory.

Tonight after dinner, I sat down and made this for Kyle. He requested a bright yellow winter beanie. I couldn't picture an all yellow beanie looking good. So I added some black. It's a little bumble bee-esqe. Lets see if he likes it. I have enough yellow to make him a plain yellow one.

A work in progress. I thought this yarn would look much different. It was originally purchased for Kyle's hat. Thankfully he requested the yellow. This yarn is UGLY! I thought it would make a decent hobo bag. So I'm experimenting with it. I have no pattern or directions - lets see how it turns out. I mean... it can't get any uglier!

A good friend, Pat, is expecting his 1st baby.. a boy. I decided to test my crocheting blanket making skills and make his son a baby sized afghan. I may have went a little big, but at least he can use it into toddler years. I hope the blue and white stripes aren't too bold. I couldn't bring myself to make a baby blue blanket.

So like snowboarding... progression. I get better every day that I wake up to breath in fresh air and take in new knowledge.

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