Monday, March 8, 2010


So I started crocheting ... my grandma tried to teach Lauren and I years ago as did my mom but I had no patience... well that changed.

I started making beanie hats... and I love doing it.. unfortunately it's almost spring and hats will be boxed and stored till next year, but still... I like it. It's relaxing and they are coming out great. People keep asking for them!

So far I made:
Paul - Red + White fitted
Raquel - Multi colored Floppy Beanie
Cara - 1 Red and 1 White toddler beanie
Edwin - Black Fitted
Andy - Green Fitted
M.Y. - Red and White fitted with fold / floppy
Lauren - Tan barret
Raquel - Purple and Blue barret

and I have many more to go.

I wonder if I can pull of mittens!

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