Saturday, March 6, 2010

Riding Log: 25 (Catamount, MA/NY)

So Kareen is going through some stuff. She's trying to find her self and in that is trying to do things she's long since put to the back of her mind (like snowboarding). She asked me when we could go out riding ... it's almost the end of the season (at least locally) and the snow is already starting to melt. I figured it was now or never... so I told her we should go this weekend. She agreed.

I asked some other siblings/cousins if they'd be interested in a learning day. A day of noobs. I day for all those trying to get one foot into the shred door a last hurrah before the season will officially come to a close. I only got a yes from Jomel, which was fine by me.

We got off to a late start. It was okay... expected on noob days. I stayed at M.Y.'s house which was great. I love my old room... even miss it. She has upgraded my room since I moved out... wow that bed is comfortable. No wonder she waited till I loved out to upgrade.

Anyway so we were west bound when my mom called and asked us to change route north east so the kids could ride with us at 3PM ... so we did. Lift tickets were bought, Kat's rentals in hand and we were headed to the hill! The conditions were spring... wet, slush, hard, variable... what you'd expect on a hot sunny afternoon. Kareen was having some trouble but I was glad she was doing it. When you are starting out it's hard... the hardest part is getting over fear. Everyone has it... and people don't tend to trust...
  • they don't trust the people coming down behind them not to hit them
  • they don't trust what you are telling them to do is right
  • they don't trust that their bodies can do what their mind wants
  • and they dont trust themselves... as a whole to get it done right
Once you do though... its fluid. It feels right. It's graceful. It's fast. It's really ... beautiful.

So yeah... she tried... and she's getting there... but trust... she has a ways to go.

Jomel and I headed off on our own and did a bunch of laps... just going fast and exploring whats there to explore. I had my ipod running some chill beats in one ear and the sound of snow in the other... Wind blowing through my vents cooling me off, white clean soft wet snow, trees, nature, lifts, minimum people on "hard" runs, good company, excitement to see my siblings, fun...

Jomel and I attempted our switch... I'm getting a lot better at it. I can actually do a whole green run switch now. Granted sometimes I wait too long to switch edges and have to kind of start again... buts till... progression. We practiced our tail presses... did some nose press to butt slides... and even some 180s which were more like 90s to ass plants. Still fun... still learning... still progression =)~

Jomel ended up taking a wicked fall on his hip bone and was sledded down... and eventually ambulanced to the ER. No damage. Thankfully!

The kids came... we rode while my mom attended to Jo at the ER. Kyle and Amanda hit up some mogul runs with me following behind. Amanda did really well while kyle used the moguls as his own personal jump series... he landed almost all of them each time. K & A were worried about Jomel... and asked to call it a day and head to the hospital. The conditions were changing... icing over... I obliged.

We found Kat in the bar drowning out her pain with a little alcohol. A few hard spills can do that to you. Jomel and my mom got back and we were home bound... some grub... a horrid grueling ride home and I was in bed... ready for sleep.

"The most essential factor is persistence - the determination never to allow your energy or enthusiasm to be dampened by the discouragement that must inevitably come."
~James Whitcomb Riley


Kat said...

The body is healing up nicely! I'm really glad I went with you, and I'm very grateful for your patience and knowledge about this sport. I know I'm not that good yet, but I'm determined and I'm not going to let a little fall or a little fear stop me from learning!!

I'm really, really, REALLY thankful having you for a cousin. You're the strongest person I know; inside and out!

Lilia said...

I'm so glad it is... the pain and the falling are far less as you keep doing it ;)

I'm glad you went too... I mean you have a ways to go obviously but everyone has to start at the beginning. It can be discouraging... especially when you have to tackle something so emotionally and physically challenging on your own... with no other beginners to cry with you... but it's all sorts of worth it in the end.

Once you becoming even just a little bit better... your sense of fulfillment is ... amazing (at least to me)

I'm really really thankful you are my cousin too! I'm glad we have each other to talk to always. And I'm glad we understand what it's like to come from what we came from.

Your loved... I'm sure you don't hear that enough... and you should.