Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dear Snowboarding,

Dear Snowboarding,

You were never a true part of my life. I was in HS. I was a skier. I was a poor skier. I was bored. I had a skater boyfriend. He took me to the hill. We tried it together. I sucked. I gave up. I was still a skier.

Years past and I decided it was time for new skis. Off to the local shop and a few sales products shown and I had a new set up. Excited I'd work my 6 day week, party Saturday night and drive up Sunday morning to get a day in. It was dedication... but it was lonely.

Then Paul said I should try you out. I said I would. A hand me down Rossignol with Ride bindings and hand me down Salomon boots which were too big. I had calf bite. I had heel lift. I had cramps. I had bruises. I failed! Then I bought my own boots... grabbed my hand me down set up and was linking turns. You changed my life! You helped me see what pushing myself physically was all about after letting me go into a state of hibernation since soccer ended.

Snowboarding, you give me hope that my back pain won't stop me. You give me freedom from all things natural. To fly fast down conditions that are sometimes forced is beyond my reason. To travel so high up peaks and ridges that I can see for 100s of miles is a beauty I'd have never seen. To sweat while surrounded by frozeness, is a feeling unknown to many. To meet individuals who have nothing in common but you as a singular passion has become my blessing. You are my savior from a life I was losing at. You've given me what I've been looking for. You've brought me and Paul closer together. You've changed my life.

Thank you, Snowboarding for making me a better person. Thank you for helping me appreciate nature, life, humans, ability, snow, physical strength and mental stamina. Thank you snowboarding, for being something my family and I can do together. Thank you for letting them love you. Thank you for being our common ground!

But snowboarding, can you please price adjust yourself just a little bit. I sacrifice a lot to be able to make you my world but people I love cannot have that luxury.

Snowboarding... never leave me. I love you!

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