Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rain rain stay away!

"Rain rain stay away... don't come back until it's May.
Then the snow won't disappear, the end of snowboard season is what I fear!" - Me

What a bummer. I was so excited. The sierra hook ups have been great. I was hoping to nab boards at deep discounts for my snow loving family and I was more or less able to. A free board for me and Andy was awesome but I knew Jomel needed an upgrade. Raquel needed a set up. And Lauren needed one as well.

Thanks to Sierra, and their generous discount offers, I was able to recommend great boards with reasonable prices to them. I fronted the money to take advantage of my members 10% discount and gifted Raquel some bindings.

Lauren received her Sierra V Spot this week. It's a gorgeous 142 with cute top sheet... ironically with a vamp that looks just like her. It has a rocker for easy learning and great playfulness and is progressive enough to take her into her intermediate levels of riding in the future. It should last her years. And at a sweet price! I sold her my Burton Lexa bindings for $45 and she has her set up... with my boots. I wish those boots fit me, but I rather see them being used by her than sitting in my closet for another year.

Jomel ordered the Sierra Reverse Crew. Similar to the V Spot but a mens board. It's a beautiful black and green 155. Did I mention I WANT THIS BOARD? Jomel has progressed so much. He charges the mountain with a lot less fear. He is open to trying anything... no matter how steep, how bumpy or how hard. He tries... and thats all you can ask of someone. This kind big brother was going to opt out of getting a board at all in order to help his sister pay for a board and bindings. He couldn't afford both pieces of her set up and still get himself a board. So I had to step in. I picked up the bindings for Raquel myself, not wanting Jomel to sacrifice more than his kind heart already has. I can't wait to see him progress even more with this new board.

Raquel ordered the Capita Saturnia. It's the stiffer version of my new Capita SMF. I love it. I know she will love it too. It's tacky top sheet is just her style. It's her 1st set up and has an extruded base which is low maintenance. High maintenance girls need low maintenance gear. I grabbed her the Burton Stiletoes which are entry level. I would never grab them for myself but with her beginner style less aggressive ridding, it should be fine. Once she steps it up, she can grab something a little stiffer and a little more aggressive, but until then I think they are a perfect match for her fun new board and soft entry level Salomon boots she picked up a month ago.

Now the downer....

This weekend it is supposed to rain... rain... rain...

Rain = horrible conditions
Rain = melted snow
Rain = possible early end to the season

I've never seen 3 people more excited about using their new gear in my life. It's supposed to rain from mid-VT all the way down into PA. What can I do? Lauren wants to drive to Canada (yes she's crazy).

Hopefully we will figure something out... or at least get some runs in next weekend. After all... all the girls need is a beginner slope to turn on and Jomel and I are generally happy with anything. There is always something new to learn and always something fun to do no matter what hill you are own. Andy is much the same way... he even likes to ride Mount Wang (the Wang households driveway). That's why we are dedicated... and hopefully we keep this enthusiasm forever.

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