Monday, May 24, 2010

And now he's gone...

So Paul was here and now he's gone. After 3 nights together... he is now in Chicago ... today is his 1st day of work. I don't have much to say... except that I'm glad I took Friday off and that we spend the day together.

While here we went to Social Square to meet friends, went to the farmers market, went to the Cloisters, had a picnic lunch, went to dinner with my sister and her husband and went bowling. Then he was off bright and early Saturday morning.

Here are some pictures:

Fresh bread at the Green Market

Some fresh cheese from the Green Market (made w/ raw milk)

Waiting for the train at 14th street

The beginning of the walk in Fort Tryon Park to the Cloisters

Up so many stairs

Till we get to the top and see the view (Hudson River)



At the Cloisters getting a closer look at the hand woven ancient tapestry


One of the many court yards

One of my favorite rooms - This is a tapestry that depicts The Attack of the Unicorn

While sitting in a room the Monks would have their meetings in, I took a picture of what I saw - this huge beautiful wooden door

Yet another court yard

This bust piece holds scull bones of a saint, it's so simple yet so detailed. It was placed on a beautiful alter to the left of 2 others. The face of this particular bust always startled me.

The view from outside the top of the Cloisters (GW Bridge)

Where we picnicked

This is what was left of our delicious lunch of homemade bread, raw almonds, avocado, homemade strawberry mint jam (made by a friend), sopressata, beef jerkey (eww), unsweetened iced tea, sliced pears and that yummy cheese!

as always, click the pictures for larger image

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Katherine said...

Those are some great pictures! It looks like you two had some really nice quality time with one another. You're going to enjoy visiting him in Chicago! The food is really good and there's a lot to do there, too. Before you know it, he'll be home again.