Friday, May 7, 2010

I Want to Love You Madly

Today I was reading a blog I follow: The World More Beautiful

She had listed a 10 ten song countdown of songs that really moved her family... 2 of which really touched me... I think they'll be favorites for a long time to come. Her # 1 & 3 were particularly touching. Here they are copied directly from her post:

Number 3: Bright Eyes "This Is The First Day Of My Life"

Number 1: Blind Pilot "Three Rounds and a Sound"

So I sent these two songs with their respective lyrics to Paul. I do that often. When a song really touches me, I send it to him, hoping it would touch him too... his response was:

"wow, i actually really liked that song....and sometimes you send me some not so good stuff! hahahahah"

And attached is this song: Love you Madly by Cake

I couldn't help but laugh. I love that song... I didn't even know he knew the song!

Of course, needing to defend my past song choices I told him I only sent him gems!

And he basically ended this exchange with:

Have you ever met someone more obsessed with my backside?

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