Monday, May 10, 2010

This is why you don't write when you are mad

I did get over it. So what... it's mother's day. We'll figure it out.

Yeah life is weird. After arriving at my Grandma's house she decided she'd rather spend time alone upstairs watching her show... which she is obsessed with. I sat alone downstairs.

Then my Uncle called wanting to treat her for dinner. I made reservations at a Steakhouse. It was just us + one cousin. None of her other children and none of her other grand kids. No wonder she accepted an offer from another family to celebrate mother's day. Most of her family falls flat on their faces when it comes to showing their love for her... if they love her.

My Mom, true to expectation, did not answer the phone once when I called. I just decided to let it be. Tomorrow is my brother's 6th birthday. I will call again... hopefully someone picks up and hands him the phone. I'd like to wish him a Happy Birthday. I'd like him and my sister to know that despite my Mother's difficulties in holding a relationship with their family... that they are still on top of our list... it is not out of site out of mind. They are so far from being out of my mind that it actually hurts.

So yeah, never write when you are mad, because you say harsh things. You go too far. You write what you feel... and what you feel is fueled by emotion and not well thought out.

Eh, but what you feel is never wrong, it's just how you feel. It's natural. You just don't want to write while you are mad.

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