Saturday, May 8, 2010

Green Market, Wind & Unwinding

Today I woke up feeling a little lost. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and my Mother... well she wants nothing to do with me. My birth... well it was her biggest inconvenience and this is only another reminder to her of why my existence was her 1st big mistake.

I didn't want to wallow, but the rain was definitely not helping bring me up. After a nice conversation with Paul, I decided I'd sit in my house no longer. I got up, showered, dressed (way too warmly by the way) and headed out the door with my trusty backpack. Inside my beloved backpack which has it's very own raincoat, I stuffed a skein of yarn, some hooks, 2 books, my camera, 2 cloth grocery bags and my rain jacket. Then... I was off. To my surprise the sun looked like it was on it's way out.

I hopped on a very slow local E train and transferred to the R at 34th street. Once I got the union square I was bombarded with people, colors, scents, ideas! What to do? I didn't want to purchase produce and head strait home. I wanted to explore. But produce in a bag while exploring... well that wont work. So I decided to find this sheep farm stand. I've read about it online. I searched for it, and now it was time to see it in person. So I walked and of course it was in the complete opposite side of the park than where I so happened to be!

When I got there I didn't know where to start. They had so man textures and colors and it was just overwhelming! I walked around twice needing to touch and feel everything. I even went so far as to smell each and ever piece of yarn I purchased... I don't know what I expected but the closest people to me know I'm a smeller. I decided to go with three skeins of a lightly spun, natural, non-died wool, 2 skeins of a gray blend, and 3 skeins of a greenish color. The colors are so nice, they have so many little imperfections. I can't wait to put them to good use. I spend a ridiculous $105, but hopefully what I make with these skeins will make it all worth it. It's nice to know where your textiles are coming from, especially if you intend to wrap yourself in them. I still have no idea what to make with them, but they did ask me to take pictures or bring them in because they'd love to post them up. I'll be sure to do so if they do these sheep any justice.

From there I wandered around and found myself at a honey stand. They had blocks of pure honeycomb, jars of fresh honey, and candles galore. I took a sniff and decided to buy 2 simple votive candles at a reasonable $2. They should burn about 5 hrs each. They smell delightful.

Then I decided I'd be heading downtown to battery park. I ran to an orchard stand, picked up two apples for $1.50 and jumped on the 5 train and headed WAY down town. Once I got to battery park, I walked around. I took some pictures of the memorials, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island & Governors Island. After I got my fill, I decided to walk up to Battery City along the Hudson River. I passed Pier A, Robert F Wagner Jr Park, South Cove Park, and found myself parking Near Liberty View just a block south of Rector. I found myself a nice bench and lounged about as I read my book. After about an hour my stomach was craving some food. I had noticed I passed a Chinese restaurant on the way right on the path. I walked back and knowing I'd be spending a boat load on food that wasn't even the best. I sat down. Why... for the view. After my beef, black mushroom and snow peas were in my stomach, I went walking. I went back to Robert F Wagner Jr Park and had a seat by the grass. I continued to read my book until the wind picked up to speeds that were bring water over the dock and onto the walk way. The water was ridiculously chopping... definitely the type that would have me needing to be hunched over the rail if I were out to sea.

I packed my stuff and headed to the 5 train when I thought I'd head back to the Green Market. Once I got there I picked up a few fingerling potatoes, cipollini onions, dandelion leaves and radishes. And right before I left, I picked up a tray of flowers to plant in my grandma's yard for mother's day. It's a wonder how I got it all back on the R train, then onto the E and then up to my apartment. 6 Hours later I'm sitting home exhausted... and hungry.

So I pulled the leg of lamb I had defrosted in the fridge out and put that into the oven. I prepped 2 potatoes, 2 onions, and 2 cloves of garlic from the farmers market for roasting, I chopped up some vegetables for a salad and am now sitting at my desk, listening to the wind as I tell you all about it.

Just because you are low, alone, or dealing with unsavory circumstances does not mean you shouldn't treat yourself to something good for you. Something that can bring you some peace. Something that can give you a little happiness. Today I did just that.

So I walked, a lot. I exercised my body, my mind, and my soul. I got lost in a book. I got lost in the waves of the river. I got lost in the beauty that is New York. And soon I'll be lost in the tastes that is my dinner.

Here are some photos from the Catskill Merino Sheep Farm stand at Union Square Green Market:

Pictures of the Memorial at South Ferry/ Battery Park:

I noticed when looking up towards Manhattan from Battery Park... the new and old peaking up from the trees:


The view from my walk into Battery City - at around Robert F Wagner, Jr Park:

My purchases from my first go at Union Square Green Market (2 Apples, Wool & Candles) - one apple ended up with a homeless man on the F train:
The Museum of Jewish Heritage:
The view from where I sat at lunch (yep that's a beer and a book... 2 good things on a Saturday afternoon):

I sat at this bench to read and looked above the bushes yet below the trees at this cement city in front of me. I thought the contrast was interesting:

I took this as the wind picked up and I had to get my things together and leave. Can you see the chop in the water?:

Some fresh picked dandelion leaves, radishes, potatoes and onions from my 2nd trip back to the Green Market:

as always you can see the enlarged pictures by clicking. Also these pictures were done on my new camera... and no I did not use the automatic setting this time =)

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