Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Craft Sale Update!

A WIP Wednesday post will come later this evening. Last night I was much too tired to take pictures of anything.

But the craft fair... it was yesterday. We got to the conference room it was to be held and got ready. We were given a small counter space to set up. Lauren took to the left of the counter and I took to the right. She laid out her hair clips and I laid out my headbands. In the end, I sold 11 headbands and made $62. Each one was unlike the last but there was definitely a trend of the types of headbands that sold. The shinier softer fabric which I found to look more delicate definitely went faster than the standard worsted weight acrylic. Everyone seemed happy to have us join their fair and I believe we are invited back for next time. I'm going to try and whip up some bigger pieces, like afghans, shawls, hats, etc... and hopefully this can become a hobby that brings in some extra money, gives me peace (I find it very relaxing) and can pay for itself through these sales. I know in total over time I must have spent at least $62 on yarn, but for what I had sold, maybe only a few dollars. Almost all of that money is for labor... which I suppose makes sense.

I don't feel right charging etsy like prices for the crafts I'm making. I prefer to still feel as if this is my hobby. This morning when I got into work and found an email from a woman I work with saying her daughter was thrilled with the headbands and wore one to school today, I was ecstatic. That is payment enough in a sense.

Anyway tonight the WIP post will be up.. hopefully.

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