Monday, May 3, 2010

Thoughtful Questions

A while back Andy forwarded me an email that had been taken from the website Thought Questions. It left me thinking. Since then I have it saved to my bookmarks and I check it almost daily. Today's was:

So I thought... I want to say my mother. Any time I consider my strongest opponent or the person in my life who brings me the most negativity, I can't help but think of her. But then... the person who most stands between me and happiness isn't really her is it? It's me ... because I've let her.

I continue to say that after we get married, after Paul graduates, after we move... I can start living my life. Why do I do that? Why don't I start now. Why don't I pick up and move forward now? Why have I been holding myself back. My brother and sister will be okay. I love them. My family loves them. They will be fine without me. Why won't I let myself be happy? I know what I am doing, yet I can't stop. What does that mean... I don't know.

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Katherine said...

I've learned, that in my situation, no matter how far I run, I will always carry my demons with me. When you resolve whatever it is that still manages to "get" you when it comes to your mom; it won't matter where you go now or later; you will be at peace.

You're right, though, don't wait for a deadline to do what you really want to do. Do it now! (If that's what you want, of course!)