Monday, May 3, 2010

The Weekend

I don't want to remember some of it... some of it was bad... terrible... but I want to remember the good...

After work we all headed to my Grandma's on Friday night to celebrate my Uncle's 45th birthday. U.E. celebrating his birthday you ask? Yep he sure did and he had a great time. Normally he's depressed on his birthday. Sad. Broken. Angry. Alone. This year he decided to go for it... but not until he put up a good fight.

Bryan, my awesome B-I-L picked me up from my house and we headed strait to the beer distributor. What's a BBQ without beer. And what's a birthday party for U.E. without Heiniken (yuck). On the way we saw 2 figures on the sidewalk that looked just like U.E. and Kyle... and sure enough it was. My Uncle drove up to get him (Amanda had prior engagements at a school dance) and drove him down to celebrate. My Mom, for her own reasons (none of which are good) did not attend... but we won't talk about the bad.

My Grandma was thrilled to see him, as was I. I didn't realize how much I missed him until he was in my arms, cuddling, falling asleep at night. So that meant I was sleeping at my Grandma's... Kyle needs me... comfort, I can give him that.

Saturday I intended to hit the museum and the farmers market, instead I sat on my Grandma's couch, relaxed, crocheted, napped, I did very little. I was hung over, I was hot, I was having allergies, I missed her, I wanted to just hang out. So I did. Later that night I willed myself to get dressed and we went to dinner for some nice heavy Italian food. And on the way home we stopped at A.C.Moore for some more yarn. Yes, we can never have too much!

When we got home we started crocheting together. I called Lauren and Kareen over to join and Kareen was available. My grandma turned in around 11:30 PM after teaching Kareen the grandma square pattern and I watched and followed along with the help of my book. Soon after, Kareen and I were making grandma squares till after 2AM. I had to call it a night, I was deliriously tired, but I was so happy with my creations. Pictures will go up for WIP Wednesday posts. The best part? Yeah, some would say that at our age we should be at the bar, with friends, partying, but really... I just want to be home, relaxing, unwinding... at least on this Saturday I did.

I thought, it is so nice out and I spent almost all day inside. You know what? There will be other nice days... but how many could happen to work out just like that one? It was near close to perfect.

Sunday I woke up late, got dressed, took my Grandma and Raquel shopping... something I never hope to do again. Oh how I hate that mall, but I did snag a few shirts and a dress! And then it was dinner where U.E joined us. Soon after he dropped me and my cousin home (so I didn't have to look for parking) and I was in my house, washing dishes, watering plants, putting away laundry and just unwinding from a weekend spend not in my house but in my home...

A good weekend... despite it going not according to plan AT ALL.


Katherine said...

sometimes it's nice when things are fun even if it's not according to plan....I did practically nothing all weekend and had a great time! =)

We need to BBQ more this summer!Those are fun.

Lilia said...

yeah we definitely do! MY's is always available =)