Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Sometimes you have to wonder... knowing that my own mother doesn't want to see me and knowing that all of us intend to visit you on Mother's Day and basically spend the day with you... wouldn't you turn down a last minute invitation to go out in order to be with us?

It's just me, but when both your mother's ditch you on Mother's day, you feel like getting dressed and doing something along. They don't appreciate your company... and therefore don't deserve it.

I suppose this is a taste of what my mom and my uncle feel towards her. That's why they are so jealous, so annoyed, so aggravated. You never come 1st and you are always over looked.

I can't get over this. Not even an effing phone call.

Eh, deep breaths right?

Now time to call my Mom and either not be spoken to at all or be told off in every direction. I hate today... and it's only9:56 AM

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