Sunday, May 16, 2010

Craft Update

Today I went to Joann Fabric like planned. While there I bought quite a few pieces of fabric all on sale. I also purchased a rotary cutter with ruler & board for 50% off and some doodads I thought I needed... but probably don't. Oh and another skein of yarn.

This might be my 1st official attempt at sewing something perfect. I've done a few pillow cases and the like... and they always had imperfections... but I was attempting at sewing items that I could give as gifts or even sell.

My 1st attempt was to sew the lining to the 1st crochet bag I made... it came out too small and too big at the same time... turns out I flipped the pattern by accident... and I almost did it again on my 2nd attempt... luckily I caught the mistake before making the 1st stitch.

Here is the finished bag. I'm going to make a flower pin as an optional accent for the bag. I'll probably get on that after I post this.

I also made my 1st attempt at a tote bag... it's The Twenty Minute Tote from The Purl Bee I have to admit... it took me just 20 minutes to cut the fabric correctly and measure everything.
I suppose everything in time. Crocheting is definitely easier to me than sewing.

Here is that tote. I think my cousin would like it. It's a pink bandanna type fabric (100% cotton).

Who woulda thought, the fabric was cheaper by the yard than the handle.

as always - you can click the pictures to get a closer look

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Katherine said...

Those look great! I love the crochet bag. Those colors really pop!