Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Cloths - would you?

Paul and I have spoken about changes we can make to decrease our consumption at great lengths. We've even discussed decreasing our use of toilet paper. Especially in this country, many of us consider toilet paper as a staple however many people all around the world believe it to be a luxury.

We've decided that we can survive with a lot less toilet paper. Last week I used a coupon and made my way to Joann Fabrics and attacked the clearance section. I was able to snag two 1/2 yards of some flannel for very little.

Today is a perfect day to stay in and keep busy. It's rainy and cold. So I grabbed 1 of the flannel pieces, my pinking sheers, my cutting mat, the iron & my sewing machine and got to work. I figured that I'd like a 2 ply flannel sheet to ensure a good absorption without getting pee on my hands. I also decided on a 9 X 4 inch rectangle to be the perfect size. I figure you can use it once, fold over and use it again... and maybe even get another fold out of it. Which means you can get nice and clean!

Here is the process I used to go about it.

The 1st thing I did was cut my strips 18 inches by 4.5 inches.

I folded them wrong sides together and stitched a zigzag stitch across each long side creating a pocket.

You can see the zigzag stitch more clearly here. I did this to help avoid fraying so it will last many washes in the machine.

I flipped them right side out. Folded in the 1 open end, and did a top stitch all the way around.

Now they are sitting pretty waiting to be used on top of the toilet. I'll likely need to make many more to avoid doing extra laundry washes. I plan to only use them for #1 as a personal choice for now. We shall see if we change our minds in the future. For now, I'd prefer not to have to wash my husband's poopy cloths so... pee only.


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