Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Topsy Turvy

A few weeks ago Paul and I were in the store and we saw the Topsy Turvy on sale for $5. We figured we'd give it a go. 2 Tomato plants and 1 Pepper plant later... we were staring at it, the finicky colder weather and gave up. It seemed silly to waste those plants to the cool air. I mean it's already late August. What were we thinking.

So I decided to buy some indoor planters, sit them on our diningroom sitting window that gets TONS of awesome southern exposure and see what happens.

I have the pepper plant and my faithful basil plant in 1 planter and a yellow cherry tomato and patio tomato plant in the other. They may not make it, they may not produce any fruit, but I figured it was worth a try. We already had the plants and if anything else, they smell great!

I purchased this basil plant at Trader Joes in NY and it has been with us all summer. I snip it constantly to add great flavor to our meals. So far so good =)

Here is the window seat. Our blog has no trees and we are the highest house on a hill so we don't have anything but clouds to obstruct the sunlight on any given day. Hopefully they pull through. The yellow cherry tomato plant is starting to flower... I guess we'll see. I may need to throw another steak in there.

And this patio tomato has been there since we bought the plant, but suddenly after planting it in this pot, it began to turn red. I hope this means it's a happy tomato plant and will produce more than 1 tomato... but even if we only get one, we'll enjoy it (with some fresh basil or some course salt).

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