Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Favorite Part of Taking the Summer Off

After leaving HBO, I decided to take the summer off. I've worked my butt off all throughout college and started working in public accounting only 1 week after graduation. I essentially haven't had a "summer vacation" since my Freshman Year in 2001. It's hard to imagine not having a few weeks to just relax in 10 years. So Paul supported and encouraged me to take the time here in Boston to experience that.

So far I haven't exactly taken advantage of it. I haven't traveled around the city. I haven't visited museums and aquariums like I had thought I would. So this week I said that has to change. I decided to drive out to Revere Beach on Monday which was great. Then on Tuesday I took a ride to Whole Foods and on the way back, read my book at the park. Yesterday I hit up Mystic Reservation for a picnic, but today... the weather is iffy and I'm still home... but that's okay.

Because breakfast is my favorite part of taking the summer off!

I don't cook a gourmet meal. I make an english muffin with some cream cheese and some strawberry & rhubarb jam from a local farm. I cut up some fresh local peaches and I make a cup of coffee. I read my blog reader... and I enjoy the leisure time.

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