Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Apartment Tour

So we've moved and we are sorta kinda settled. There are a few pieces of furniture missing from the office/craft room/ game room and then some accent furniture around the house. But hey, I'm not ashamed check out our bare walls and bland non-existent decor. Maybe you all can give us some pointers?

So here is the layout so you can refer to it to get an idea.... not the idea of robbing us I hope. We have nothing you'd want ;).

As you can see, we have the space. I know that these are not drawn to scale, but it's a nice and large apartment.

So let's start with the least finished room. This is the office/ craft room/ game room. I like it, but I'd like it more with a couch, maybe chairs, a sewing table, and table for the fame room.

Here is the living room. It needs an accent table, but otherwise I like the openness of it.

Here is the dining room which probably can use a larger dining table but for now, we'll make due.

Here is the kitchen, please excuse the mess. I haven't tidied it up yet today.

You get a little glimpse of the back door in this one. That leads out to a back stairwell that leads to the backyard and an enclosed deck we use as a closet for bulk items and sports equipment.

This is a photo of our very ugly bathroom... but it's clean and that to me is the best part!

Here is the blue room, which is our bedroom. We need some bedside tables and a linen cabinet, but until then... this is it.

This is the grey room, our guest room. I originally thought it was brown and dubbed it the ugly brown room. You may remember this.

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