Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So with friends in town and the desire to go whale watching... I tried my hardest to convince everyone to walk up early to go Whale Watching. No one bought it. No one was down... except me. So we didn't go and I missed out =(. Oh well. We still drive up to Glouchester to check it out and it was way worth it.

Driving on Rt 128 we saw signs for a waterfront festival so we figured we'd exit and check it out. It was great, there were tons of local artists, foods, and just friendly people. We checked out the sites and the booths at the park there and it was a lot of fun.

The festival signs lead us to Stage Fort Park. It has a beautiful quaint beach with few waves, picnic areas with amazing views & tons of other fun things to see. It's most prominent feature is a giant rock. It was used as an ancient ritual stone by Native Americans. Glouchester is where the 1st colonial settlers landed. It is kinda cool.

When we got there we found parking and walked directly to the ocean.... we all craved it.

We followed a walking path to a large hill which overlooked the ocean.

Overlooking the ocean were cannon's facing almost all directions. When you are climbing back inland from a large overlook this is what you stare at... it's kind of disconcerting.

From the overlook you can see lighthouses in the distance.

You also get a great view of the actual town of Glouchester. It's a working town and you see tons of fishing vessels.

Here is Paul & me a top one of the overlooks. It was all fun and games till...

Your husband tries to throw you over a cliff

Richi and his girlfriend actually looked pretty sweet and innocent

And then Maria decided it was time to push Richi off. That is real fear on his face. He was not expecting it at all!

While walking on one of the paths I stopped to take this photo. Paul asked, "did you just take a picture of a tree?". I said no, I was taking a picture to capture the view. He glanced at the LCD and replied, "I like how you say no, then I look and it's a picture of a tree." haha

We saw pirate ships... I mean come on... that's so cool!

He's my pretty pretty princess. This was actually when we 1st parked the car. I think it's adorable though.

Here is a view of the beach... it's in that little cove. So sweet.

Once our tummies began rumbling we took the short drive up to Rockport which is more of a pedestrian tourist town. It's completely adorable and I'm glad we left Glouchester to check it out. Unfortunately the weather was being a little unpredictable so I don't have pictures. Our 1st stop was the Ray Moore Lobster Shack. It was a true shack serving up fresh lobsters. You were welcome to find a bench out back to enjoy your feast. I had a lobster and a chowder. Paul had a lobster roll, smoked salmon, and a 1 1/2 lb lobster... true fat kid day! Richi and Maria also partook in the feast having a lobster, shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon. We had a lot of fun! Then we just walked around and explored. And of course I couldn't leave without having some homemade ice cream!!!

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