Monday, August 1, 2011

Yogury Round 1

Last night I made homemade yogurt for the 1st time. I found the recipe on The Frugal Girl blog and followed the recipe she had shared. I made the vanilla version and only 2 quarts instead of her 4. I must say, I'm impressed, but also disappointing. Her yogurt looks almost custard like in it's thickness... mine... well not so much. It definitely tastes like yogurt. It even smells like yogurt. And it's consistency is yogurt, it's just not that thick and luxurious yogurt I was hoping for.

Take a look:

I have a feeling most of these will go into smoothies and mixed with granola for breakfast. It's yummy alone, but just a bit runny.

I'll try again and hopefully I'll get it right!


Katherine said...

I think if you let it sit longer, it will thicken up more. My dad used to make his own yogurt. The longer he kept the same culture, the better his yogurt got. Sometimes he strained it a few times to get it thicker, as well. I remember cheesecloth being used for that. Personally, I never tasted it because I was terrified of unsafe food conditions when it comes to my dad's cooking, but yogurt won't come together if it's "bad". Does that make sense? But, congrats to you! It looks cool!!

Lilia said...

Ohhh good to know. I'll try leaving it in longer. It definitely tastes good, I just wish it was more custardy than yogurty I guess.