Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Picnick @ Mystic River Reservation

I had enough of sulking in my living room, laptop on lap, TV on, sweating, not enjoying my life. So I decided that each day (weather permitting), I'm going to explore something new in my new home town of Medford, MA... AKA, just outside of Boston.

Today I grabbed some fruit, an iced tea, bought a little something something (more substantial in the food department, packed my camera and kindle and headed off to Mystic River Reservation which is far larger than I thought. Yes, you are right, I wrote that I stopped there yesterday, but I was in an entirely different part of it... and they really are different despite being only a little bit apart.

Let me break it down for you:

I was a little hesitant about checking this place out. I mean yelp reviews suggested creepy people hiding in the weeds stalking others but I actually found it to be quite peaceful and a perfect spot to take a walk, read a book, eat a snack, go for a jog, etc...

There was a hill with a great view of the water. It had just been mowed (actually the lawn mower was still going a bit down the hill) and it smelled divine. Freshly cut grass may be one of my favorite smells. I took out my blanket, a book and my lunch and enjoyed some relaxing time outside.

After a bit my tushy was getting sore so I rolled over and I had this beautiful site behind me. The American flag, flapping in the breeze, the smell of fresh water and cut grass in my nose, and my book by my side.

The clouds and wind started to come in and it was getting a bit chilly so I got up and decided I'd take a walk and explore. I headed strait toward the water and had to capture this gorgeous weeping willow. This photo does it NO justice.

Then I found myself looking at the river seeing the Prudential Center in the background. I little urban beauty sticking out right there.

The reservation is home to a wildlife habitation which is kinda cool. These signs were everywhere letting visitors know where they needed to keep out.

The only wildlife I saw was this bunny who sat happily allowing me to take a picture while he chomped on whatever it was he was chomping on.

And an abundance of honeybees on all the different flowers still in bloom... or blooming.

And this blurry dragon fly who swooped in while I was taking a photo.

The flowers were everywhere... I love flowers.

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