Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Little Shaken Up & A Little Wet?

So the other day there was an earthquake near Washington DC. Mostly everyone in the US has heard about this or experienced the tremors 1st hand.

I was sitting on my couch here right outside of Boston and felt as if my couch was swaying, my plants shaking, and my laptop moving on my lap. It was strange and I considered my house falling apart. I even blamed it on vertigo.

Many people felt far more than a little sway and it shook them up big time. They went home and counted their blessings. US North Easterners are not used to earthquakes. That's a west coast thing right?

So now we are expecting a hurricane? What? In the same week as an earthquake? I thought that was a southern thing?

Okay, I know about global warming, I even know about Armageddon. But seriously, what the heck is going on?

I won't lie to you... I'm a bit scared. My sister is in Florida on vacation and driving back to NY right smack in the middle of this thing. This Saturday I'm slated to take a bus back down to NY. Sunday I'm supposed to pile into the minivan with my Mom, Grandma and baby Brother & Sister and drive to Canada.... but how will all that happen safely with a hurricane coming our way?

So I did what I do... I prayed to God to protect us. To help us have a successful family get together and not to lose tons of money. I also prayed that He would keep my husband safe and sound in our old home rental while we are apart. I hope God protects all our families for the next couple of days.

Zombies, nightmares, witches & vampires be damned... nothing is scarier than a natural disaster.

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