Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Point The Finger

Point the finger at the right person. It's funny how often we get upset and take it out on the wrong person. Oddly enough, this was brought up in the car just the other day. While driving around Lake George, Andy, Viv, Paul & I were discussing taking things out on the person/people who love you simply because you can. Sometimes its because you have a safety net. You know the person loves you and thus will understand and if nothing else, at least forgive you and continue loving you.

The irony is that I was doing this to the very people I was having the conversation with. Andy had gotten under my skin during the week for a few reasons but mostly because he had set expectations and failed to meet them. He'd gone into what we now can refer to as typical Andy with a girlfriend mode. When Andy is in a relationship, all else is set aside. He really has tunnel vision. And we can honestly say that he doesn't even realize he does it. We know this now because... well because Paul kinda told him how we felt and he simply had no idea.

In any event, I found myself blaming Viv... and really, so did Paul. We both recognized we were doing it and we both told each other that we needed to point the finger at the right person and give her a true chance. Actually, I even had fun with her at Lake George. Monday rolled around and I was PMSing and reeling from a conversation with Paul. I took it out on Andy & Viv. I wouldn't say that they were blame free from my insanely stubborn attitude, but hey, my reaction maybe didn't match the crime.

In any event, I found myself lost when I received a text from Viv yesterday asking me to lunch. My 1st instinct was to say no. It wasn't because I was mad at her, but more so because I was scared it would feel awkward. After all we had just met last week and honestly, I did have a major attitude the day before. Maybe it was also a combination of guilt and embarrassment. Well I sucked in my guilty pride and texted back that I'd love to meet for lunch. And we did. And we talked (probably I talked her ear off... I talk a lot on a good day... I talk even more when I'm nervous or uncomfortable). We got to know each other better. I had questions I wanted to ask but didn't... because I didn't want to pry or make her uncomfortable. All in all it was a great lunch. I'm glad I went. I'm glad we got to know each other a bit better... and I hope that I get to know her more and more. It looks like she and Andy really care for each other... and thus, we'll care for her too. It's how family works. We act like an ass once in a while, but we eventually forgive each other and laugh about it. We talk about it. We get through it. We love... with all of ourselves.

So yeah, maybe we all have a little bit to say sorry about, but I don't think we'll let anything silly get between us.

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