Thursday, August 11, 2011


What was I thinking?

This past weekend we went back home to NYC for Paul's father's birthday. We met up with my brother in law and his girlfriend in Manhattan for a night out on the town. She was meeting friends at a Hookah Bar so we met there. They were located in the basement that had very little ventilation. The hookah smoke from many lit hookahs and many smokers left me feeling light headed, but that's to be expected.

What I didn't expect was the need to wash my hair that weekend. The next morning, my hair smelled like an ash tray. As such, I washed my hair, but I didn't think to bring any of my shampoo with me. As such I used some left over prescription shampoo I had in my grandma's bathroom and some conditioner on the ends. What it left me with is a whole lot of dry scalp irritation and dandruff. I don't think I've had dandruff this badly since college. It's nasty and embarrassing and unfortunately we are headed to the lake to meet friends this weekend leaving me with not enough time to treat my scalp with some tea tree oil.

Ugh - next time, I'll need to remember to bring some baking soda with me.

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