Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple Picking

This past Saturday we got in the car and headed west to Stowe, MA where we found Honey Pot Hill Orchards last year. It's not as awesome as the NY Orchards that I'm used to... where you drive right up by the apples, bring a picnic if you like, heck, it's an all day event. Here you park, pay for your bag, and walk around (or take a $1 hay ride) to the various sections for apple picking. If you purchased your $1 hay ride, you are in luck... because you can pick pears too.

It's $25 for a bushel which isn't too bad I guess. It's more than NY but hey... this ain't the big apple. I love picking with Paul. It's a tradition he had declared years ago... and sure enough, we've made it a tradition. I can't wait till we can share this tradition with our children. For now I'll enjoy my trips with Paul... and when I can, the trips with my Mom and siblings.

Paul went into photographer mode all of a sudden. He never takes the camera from me but today he did and took a bunch of me picking apples. Usually it's me taking photos of him... being annoyed that I'm taking photos of him haha.

It's nice to see pictures of me actually.

In addition to apple picking, they had the customary pumpkin patch, corn maze and a few farm animals. I of course went strait to the pigs... who had the most awesome houses ever!

Apparently Paul is scared of rabbits?

So this autumn, throw on some sneakers and head out to a local orchard. Pick some apples and make some pie. Or if you rather, just chomp right into them and enjoy!

Support your local farmers!

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