Friday, September 16, 2011

TMI Alert - NO TP Update

I had mentioned in the past that I made a decision to forgo toilet paper when going #1 in my home. I considered forgoing TP completely with my husband, but we both haven't wrapped our minds... or stomachs around that just yet.

I made some cute little cloth TPs - see aren't they cute?

But you don't really need CUTE for your tush. We had a set of flannel bedsheets that had seen better days. They had been hand me downs from Paul's Mom and he had used them in one apartment. We were going to send them off to Goodwill but then I realized they'd be great for TP.

I cut up squares about 10 X 10 which are a little large, but hey I'm still getting used to this whole thing. I think next time I'll try for 6X6 squares. I cut them with pinking sheers to help with fraying. I was going to do a zigzag stitch around the edge and then a strait stitch just inside the edge. I was even considering 2 plying them, but realized at 10X10 it wasn't necessary. In the end, I decided to do what was quick and easy. I strait stitched around and called it done.

I keep them folded in a little plastic bin on top of the toilet. I'd like to have a basket for them, but that isn't too important right now. I grabbed a small step lid that has a removable bucket insert. It's great because I can take the insert out and wash it each time I need to wash the cloths.

I was going to put a vinegar water agent in the bin to help with any odors, but I haven't found the need. The odor when unloading the cloths is minimal. I do however spray the bin with a vinegar water agent when I empty it (which is actually really easy considering I already have it in a spray bottle in the shower for my hair).

To wash them, I take the bucket out, dump it into the washer and wash it with other laundry or towels. I don't fuss about it too much since it's only urine and not #2. I wash it with some extra baking soda mixed in with the homemade laundry detergent and I fill the softener dispenser with white vinegar.

So far so good. There has been fraying, but not beyond the strait stitch I made. So hopefully they hold up okay and we really make a dent in our paper usage. If I ever get over the poop ick factor, I may consider going full time, but I'm not there yet. Mostly because washing my husbands poop wipes might really kill the romance and ... well we are newly weds, lets not kill the romance just yet haha =)

My mother in law is coming to visit in two weeks. I know her reaction will be ick. She is definitely doing her part for the Earth, but I don't think she'd go this far. I just may need to move my can to the back somewhere. It wouldn't be odd to confuse it with the trash.

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