Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bumming It

I am going through an interesting transition in my life right now. Besides the fact that I'm not living in another state and married and all that... I'm also unemployed. I've worked since HS and never took more than 2 weeks off in my adult life. My last day at work in NYC was July 15 and now I find myself still unemployed on September 22.

I decided to take the summer off. I thought I'd use it to get a lay of the land here in Boston. I also thought it was a chance I won't really get again. So why not?

The job market here is far smaller than that of NYC. And I'm in for a challenge. I've gone on two interviews and I'm really not sure how they went. It's clear that 1 was not a good fit at all and the other... I was hopeful but I haven't heard back from them.

And now I'm frustrated. I don't know if I'm frustrated because I dislike being home as much as I feel like I'm failing at finding a job. I don't want to settle and I want to be a little picky right now. I want to find a good fit. I'm already out of my comfort zone, I don't want to be completely thrown to the wolves. But I'm scared that I'm making a mistake financially. Especially since Paul hasn't even shared his finances with me. It's frustrating to me that he doesn't, but it's a conversation he always avoids. It scares me. It also scares me because I am finding that a fit for me may be harder to find than I originally thought.

I know I can find a job... but I don't want a job, I want a good career and I want a good working environment. I want a good commute. And I want to be surrounded by good people.

AHH frustration!

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