Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Montreal - 1

So I was supposed to travel to Montreal with my family from August 28-31.... that didn't work out so well. Irene decided to come and wreak havoc to the tristate area. I changed my bus ticket to arrive in NYC on Friday and the storm hit Saturday evening into Sunday morning. Once Irene packed it's bags and traveled north, we thought we could too... only to arrive in Mahwah, NJ and be surrounded by road closures, fires and fallen trees. The roads were impassable due to the flooding of the Ramapo River.

Needless to say we headed back home.... but not after trying to wait it out at a dinner for a few hours.

Oh well, we tried, we failed... who are we do test nature.

I was able to call the hotel and pay a small fee to change our dates to August 31 - September 3. I guess that is the luxury of being unemployed. Your vacation days can change quite easily.

Note*** The Mahwah region of NJ is still very much in recovery. Please keep them and those in PA, NY & VT in your prayers. It will be a long recovery, but I know these communities will flourish with hard work and the help of others.

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