Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dutch Oven

There is definitely a downside to not having a bridal shower. Okay there are a few downsides. I would be lying if I didn't admit that I feel like I missed out just a little bit. But you know what, I am in an amazing marriage! So it's okay.

But without a shower, you really don't end up purchasing a ton of those home goods you'd normally purchase. You register and people buy you wonderful items you need or want. And you basically buy the rest. Well we didn't register nor did we have a shower. We already lived together and we didn't have the space to store boxes of china, pots, pans or bedding. We wanted to buy those things when we bought a house. And buying a house wasn't in the cards just yet.

So now... I realize that there are things I want that we just don't have. I wanted a cast iron indoor grill, I wanted a dutch oven, and honestly I wanted a whole new place setting and cookware set. But in the mean time, I really just want my cast iron! I'm obsessed. I love how it cooks, I love how it's a healthy and eco friendly way to use non-stick. I <3!

So yesterday, at target, Paul and I purchased a Lodge grill and griddle.

I haven't used it yet, but I'm excited to. I'm excited to be able to cook chicken breasts, burgers and fish on that grill indoors. Apartment living doesn't really lend well to outdoor cooking. I'm also excited to flip that thing over and heat it up to make some pumpkin pancakes (Paul's favorite!).

But I still want a cast iron ceramic covered dutch oven. I want it BAD! I want it to cook in, to braise in, to heat milk for yogurt in. I want it for so many reasons. It would make GREAT FOOD!

I'm thinking a 4.5 Quart or 6 Quart. We'll see. In our case bigger is not better.... because it's just the two of us.

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