Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Job Update

So there is a lot I could tell you all about... the companies I interviewed with, the ways I've prepared, the emotional feelings I have towards the process, where I am in my search.... but I wont. I need to vent... about something I've been hearing a bit too much of lately.

I've been hearing quite a few times that it doesn't matter as much where I work or if I'm really happy about it... or even if it's the right move for me on my career journey. The reason they state is because I'm going to be a mom one day and will no longer need to concern myself with a career ... other than the career of being a mom.

I honestly think this is BS! I also think it's plain dumb! For starters... I've been married for only 8 months. Second... I'm NOT pregnant... nor does my husband have any desire to get me pregnant any time soon. Third... if I do get pregnant, who knows when that will be? Does that mean it doesn't matter that I be challenged or happy in the interim? Fourth, how about if I have trouble conceiving, the interim could be a hell of a long time... should I just sit here doing a job that doesn't fulfill me? And 5th, whose to say once I do get pregnant and deliver a hopefully healthy child, I won't decide to go back to work? Staying at home isn't for everyone, and though right now it is the path I'm hoping to take, that decision may change... or worse, how about if we financially need to working parents in the fold. Wouldn't it then be the best thing for me to work somewhere that both makes me happy and advances my career goals?

It's been frustrating... this journey has been nothing short of emotional. At the same time it's really caused me to self reflect. I've learned a lot about myself these last few weeks... and I've been facing many fears that I'm very slowly only beginning to overcome.

Anyway I just needed to get that out a bit... I wish people would be more encouraging... well maybe that's exactly what they THINK they are being... it just doesn't get received that way. Maybe those comments are a way for them to release me of pressure or responsibility. Little do they realize, it makes me feel small and irrelevant.

Ugh... okay this is enough... time to move on and move up.

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Paul Rios said...

Lilia, shoot for the stars. You can do it! I have all the faith in the world that you can and will find a job that you find fulfilling and meaningful.