Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pumpkin Popovers

I love pumpkin, so I was super pleased when I was catching up on my blog reader yesterday morning over a cup of coffee and came across this recipe for pumpkin popovers at Domestically Speaking.

I realized that aside from flour, I had everything I needed on hand. Then as luck would have it, I was perusing the Christmas Tree Store looking for mason jars when I came across shelves of Bob's Red Mill flours, mixes, etc.... I grabbed a bag of whole wheat flour. I've been wanting to try and bake a few things with whole wheat lately and this gave me a change, without spending tons of cash. The bag was only $4.50 while usually in the $20 range, I consider this a steal. I should have probably bought more. Oh well.

Anyway, I followed Domestically Speaking's recipe almost exactly. I didn't have clove, so I just left it out. I also substituted whole wheat flour for all purpose flour.

I did utilized her tip for just dipping the tops of the popovers in butter and sugar so they wouldn't be so sweet. Turns out they aren't too sweet to begin with, so I'd recomend going either way based on your sweet tooth.

They turned out delish

See even Paul liked them... he will be very mad these pics got posted HAHA


Paul Rios said...

Actually, I am! Whatajerk... =)

Katherine said...

Hey, these look great!!!! (And the popovers don't look so bad, either!)

=) Those are great pics! It's pumpkin season!! Yay!!!