Monday, September 19, 2011

Best Intentions

Paul and I had the best intentions to get into the gym yesterday. We went to a new church (that deserves a post on it's own) then ran into Costco to load up on some things we were in need of (tissues for Paul's allergies!). After we got changed and headed out to Tufts University for Paul's soccer game. Boy was the air getting chilly. I wore sweats and a hooded sweatshirt and was still very cold. Talk about autumnal winds.

Then it was time... we were off to the gym. Only, when we got there, the lights were closed and they were closed. WHAT?! So the gym closes at 5PM on Sundays. Woops. Paul read the sign and apparently they close at 9PM on weeknights. Paul complained that their hours were terrible, but I only laughed. Though I could agree in general (having been a member of 24 hour luxury gyms in the past) lets face it... there is NO CHANCE I'm headed to the gym after 9PM anyway ;)

To this Paul laughed.

So I had an idea... if we can't go to the gym, let's go home and play XBox Kinect! That thing makes you jump, duck, side step, and... SWEAT! And the whole while you have this feeling of competition to drive you. I thought it was a lot of fun! So now.... when all else fails - play video games! (only the interactive kind really counts though).

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