Thursday, September 15, 2011

Indoor Garden

I wrote a few weeks ago at my indoor garden being rooted in buying a topsy turvy I never used. Here is a little bit of an update.

That sole tomato growing in the garden was plucked off (by accident by me) and eaten and it was delicious. Too bad there was only 1.

The basil has been getting these funny spots on it. I have no idea what it is. Maybe it's too much sun? Maybe it's ending it's life cycle? I have no idea. If any of you know, please let me know. Because I haven't the slightest.

The tomato plant wasn't growing much so I was worried it was done. I just let it run it's course. Now I see that though it's merely a foot tall (not even) it has some flowers budding and a little tomato on the way.

The patio tomato plant however is growing super tall. So tall in fact that the stakes I put in are no longer able to support it. I had to electric tape two stakes together and it's still longer than that. I hope that this supports it for now. I am not sure if I should be cutting it at all. I'm afraid to do that. I've pulled off 1 or 2 suckers but that's about it. It has tons of flowers on it, many of which already began drying out and falling off. Two little tomatoes are starting to grow on it. I hope they come in before it gets too cold and the plants are no longer getting the sun and heat they need.

The pepper plant may be doing the best out of all the plants. The flowers are coming in like crazy and they are so pretty and full and white. The peppers soon follow. My pepper plant has become home to one or two cutie lady bugs.

This is definitely the largest pepper so far. But it's really only about 1/2 an inch long.

And the latest addition. Potatoes. I had some potatoes that started to turn bad. Rather than throw them away, I cut off some of the eyes and popped them into a pot with some soil. In a week they had grown about 5 inches tall. It was a surprise to say the least. Now they are easily 1 1/2 feet + tall. They are flopping all over so I had to stake them yesterday. I hope they produce some potatoes for me. I know my containers are small but even if I only get a couple it will be worth it. I have two pots of potatoes and they are both doing well. I think next time I'll try planting them in a bag placed inside a bin or bucket to prevent leaking. I hear they are a lot easier to harvest that way.

Have any of you ever grown anything indoors? Have you done an indoor winter garden? If so, please share your tips and tricks. I'd love to learn anything I can to keep this up.


Bonnie said...

The holes on your basil plant might be little plant mites. I had them on a basil plant in my first apartment in Astoria. I think they're are a bunch of homemade remedies for it if you goolge.

Lilia said...

Yeah that's true, but they aren't holes, more like marks. It might just be that the plant is aging or maybe getting too much direct sun? I have no clue.

Now I'm getting freaking gnats in the soil. So I'm gonna skip watering them for a couple of days. The potato is a gnat magnet.