Friday, September 9, 2011

Sewing Room?

So I designated the den my sewing room, but Paul also dedicated it the Xbox room... and it is also kind of our office. But it works. We fit everything we needed to into the space. Nah, it's not exactly a cohesive decor plan, and no, it's not always 100% functional.... but it's the best we can do with the space that we have.

This is my sewing corner. We put our old dining table there for now. It's not really great for sewing being round and all, but it's fine for now. The shelves above hold a bunch of my little nicknacks and notions.
You can see up top on the left is my yarn swift. I love that thing. Next is a puzzle of me snowboarding from a good friend. That zebra print bag is filled with an abandoned project I may make into something else. The frame holds a poem about boys from Paul's Mom & a personalized box of dominoes. The second shelf holds various baskets of fabric, tarn, and books. Then the 3rd holds my yarn baller, a few pigs, more baskets of supplies, a yellow flower put I've filled with ribbon & a figurine of Che. The last shelf holds a jar of my hooks & needles, a mushroom needle holder from my sister, a flower pot of scissors and other supplies, and that last basket is where Paul hides all of our electric chargers.

Here is a little sneak at some of the books I've been using lately to create some fun knit and crochet goods. I highly recommend The Happy Hooker. It has a lot more young and modern options.

And all throughout those shelves are photos of people I love. More photos will definitely be added to this room, but they have yet to be printed. For now there is a photo of Paul and I from our early dating years, my sister and I at her graduation, and a photo of my grandpa... one of his last before he past.

Centering the room is a futon that I draped my sister's baby blanket on. It has a little hole and is definitely a bit faded but can you believe this blanket rested on our cribs, floors, couches, and cars for us to be cozy since 1983? I love it! My family is filled with talented hookers & knitters & I'm just glad that it hasn't been lost on my generation. Goodness knows I wanted nothing to do with needlecrafts as a child. Directly accross from this futon is a small computer stand with a screen and the Xbox/Kinects consoles.

At the very entrance of the room, we have the computer desk, a book case, and a closet. I'm glad we finally have a normal sized desk. What a pleasure to sit at. (The old tiny desk was purchased for our tiny Manhattan apartment years ago. It is now the xbox stand.)

See a desk... with a real chair. You can even peep my notes and resume for my session with the recruiter late this afternoon.

And in the book case, aside from books you'll find little pieces of love... like marble, crystal and jade pigs and frogs... as well as small pieces of inspiration. The other day I was thinking of great quotes, and Dr. Suess has some of the best. I printed out one of my favorites. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to read... so I printed it out. Then busted out the crayons and made it a rainbow. I found myself doodling the other week and I kind of linked how it turned out. I took a note from this and cut my doodle out in the shape of a sparrow. I like it sitting perched up there. Maybe one day I'll get sick of it and take it out... but for now... I dig it.

And finally, in the closet, I have purchased a over the door shoe rack. I have filled the pockets with various skeins of yarn. Inside the closet needs some work. I'm thinking of moving around some storage boxes to make those paper supplies a little more accessible. On the shelf up top are some various crafting supplies (like glue guns, hole punches, paper stock, etc...)

And here you can see some of my prized possessions, yarn! Unfortunately, these are mostly scraps that were either given to me or left over from another project... or found on clearance somewhere... so I don't know many of their colors or even dye lots. I have a few winter accessory ideas for some but others, I have no clue. If you need some scrap yarn (especially acrylics) let me know!

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