Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today I got an IM from an old friend. He's in much the same boat as myself... but not. He is engaged, planning his wedding, managing his family's drama, and HAD a great job at a very lucrative firm.

He quit his job in order to start his own business in real estate and to dive into the investment markets. This is where we are very different. He told me that he hopes to earn lots of money, partly for himself and partly to begin a foundation to fund underprivileged, but hard working children, the opportunity to obtain a higher education. That is a pretty awesome goal. I just wonder how sincere it really is. He also wants to start a business that can eventually be run by employees, allowing him to check in remotely and travel the world. His dreams seem pretty surreal to me, but not for from what maybe Paul or Andy would have wanted for themselves. I seem to be completely different. I found it hard to relate in conversation despite respecting his views and goals.

I'm blessed to say that I do very well financially. I am by no means rich, but I work hard and I get paid for my hard work. Paul was in the same boat (before he left to return to school for his MBA). We once thought that we'd want to live a life working hard in our high floored window offices. But our lives have changed, our outlooks have changed, our priorities have changed.

Do I want to live comfortably? Yes. Will being comfortable require much money? Hopefully not. Unlike my friend, my desires are a bit different. Paul is kind of in limbo... in the middle. Which isn't a bad place to be either. My goals for my financial future and life in general are:
  • Live off the grid (at least 50% off)
  • Live in a small house that does not utilize too much petrolium
  • Collect rain water
  • Have a massive garden
  • Eat clean, home grown, local
  • Have a handmade home (or at least furniture, linens, etc...)
  • Travel somewhere far at least once a year
  • Have children - ones who fear chemical cleaners, not dirt
  • Be healthy - mentally and physically
  • Provide for my children as: provider, protector, teacher, loving caregiver
  • Provide for my husband: as partner, teammate, lover, domestic provider
  • Be provided for by my husband: as partner, teammate, lover, financial provider
  • Be accepting of my family but be able to disassociate (self preservation)
  • Find God again... and not lose the ability to find him in all things
  • And find a balance... to do all those things as stress-free as possible
I don't think that will cost too much. I hope not.



Katherine said...

Those seem like realistic and approachable goals that are (more importantly) going to make your soul happy.

While msot people think the lavish lifestyle equates happiness, the upkeep for that kind of lifestyle often negates the happiness sought out in the first place.

I hope you reach all those goals and more soon!

Lilia said...

Thanks! I hope so too! I just wish I didn't have to wait so long to start. Paul going back to school really changed a lot of what I hoped would happen sooner rather than later.