Monday, April 26, 2010

One Day.... I'll be a Mom

I hope... that i can be and when I am, I hope that I am mature and selfless enough to give them a beautiful and wonderful life... something honestly don't believe happens nearly enough.

I won't tell my child that:
They ruined my life.
That my life ended when theirs began.
That their opinions mean nothing.
That they are ungrateful and rotten.
That hiding the bad is how to live strongly.
That they are insignificant.
That they should be scared of me.

I won't:
Hit them.
Leave them.
Neglect them.
Manipulate them.
Trick them.
Lie to them.

And when someone else does:
I will hug them.
I will listen to everything no matter how hard.
I will try to understand.
I will sacrifice.
I will show them love.
I will be there for them.

And when I fail:
I will say I'm sorry.
I will try harder.
I will work at it till I succeed on being what he/she needs me to be.

And when I'm lost:
I will let them know that I need nothing from them... nothing but their love
I will hug them
Hold them
Love them
And explain that everything they could do... they've already done, by loving me with their hearts.

One day, I'm going to be a parent. When I am, I hope that I am a better parent than my own. I hope that rather than reflect who they were, I am better. I hope that I will be a great mother. I hope that I will be a good wife. I hope that I have a full life. And I hope and pray to never abuse the power of love.

I will pray today... and every day, that God grant me the miracle of parenthood... and that God provide me with the love and support I'd need in order to reflect his greatness onto my children.

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